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Hi there. My name is Wimpie.

A long time ago I wrote software for embedded micro-controllers in C. Eventually I turned to web development. While I loved the the low-level control and execution speed you get from C, I knew that higher level languages would help me develop web applications faster than C.

I did some research on good web development languages and eventually settled on Common Lisp. The post Pragmatic reasons for choosing Common Lisp explains in greater detail how I got to this conclusion.

My current project is Selective Share. It will provide application credential management as a service.

While I was learning lisp I found that there are many excellent resources on the basics to get you going and also on very advanced language topics. There were however very little resources dedicated to the more mundane problems one encounters while trying to make a product work in a production environment.

Most of my blog posts attempt to provide a solution or workaround for practical problems encountered in production oriented software development.

Based on the hurdles I encountered and similar questions from other lisp users I wrote a book which addresses the topic of production focused application deployment.

Dark Chestnut

Deploying Common Lisp production software.

Wimpie Nortje

Wimpie Nortje

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