Bug workaround to use Crane ORM in standalone applications.

04 Jan 2017

If you try to build a standalone application which uses Crane you will probably run into problems when the compiler tries to dump the lisp image. It will complain about open database connections.

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UIOP - Portability beyond file access.

02 Oct 2016

Writing code portably is useful for easily switching between Common Lisp implementations and for building cross-platform applications. I place a lot of emphasis on portable code in my upcoming book. During my research, after a prompt from @fare, I discovered that UIOP provides some useful portability functions beyond file access.

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Don't put Quicklisp in your binary just because a library demands it.

17 Jul 2016

When you decide to make an application standalone using the two step process it is possible that you may encounter the following situation: the build process completes without a problem but running the program lands you in the debugger with a message about Quicklisp not being found.

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Dark Chestnut

Deploying Common Lisp production software.

Wimpie Nortje

Wimpie Nortje

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