Welcome to Dark Chestnut. My name is Wimpie Nortje. I used Common Lisp to develop a project that consists of a web-service, a client-side SDK and and a client-side GUI application. Except for small bits of HTML and Javascript, all the programs are 100% Common Lisp.

I encountered many deployment related obstacles along the way. There are many excellent resources for learning about Common Lisp's basics and about the advanced language constructs. However, there are very few Common Lisp resources dedicated to the more mundane problems one encounters while trying to make a product work in a production environment.

Most of my blog posts are attempts to provide a solution or workaround for practical problems encountered in production oriented software development.

Based on this experience and similar questions from other Lispers I wrote a book which addresses the topic of production focused application deployment.

I hope you find value in my posts.

Wimpie Nortje

Wimpie Nortje