Don't put Quicklisp in your binary just because a library demands it.

17 Jul 2016

When you decide to make an application standalone using the two step process it is possible that you may encounter the following situation: the build process completes without a problem but running the program lands you in the debugger with a message about Quicklisp not being found.

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Daemonizing Common Lisp services.

08 Jun 2016

Deploying a Common Lisp server application in production requires that it runs as a daemon.

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Do you really want to use conditional compilation?

17 May 2016

When code must change behaviour based on build time settings people often reach for the conditional reader macros (`#+` and `#-`).

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Dark Chestnut

Deploying Common Lisp production software.

Wimpie Nortje

Wimpie Nortje

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